Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy First Birthday - March 11, 09

Happy Birthday Olivia Rose!! Your are Mommy's little treasure, a true gift, and a blessing every day.

You can say Mama, Dada, Daddy, bye-bye (and wave), give kisses, and point to everything you want, and say love to say AhhhhOhhhhh....

You eat all table food (since 9 months), drink milk, have two bottles a day now. You started taking steps at 11 months and can now walk up to around 20 feet on your own. You love to snuggle, you adore your sister, love sharing snacks with your doggies, and looking at pictures in books. You love to dance, hate being in the car for too long, love going for walks, and you love your baths.

You are a true joy to raise, a reminder to me every day that wishes can come true. You are beautiful inside and out. When you came into our lives you completed our family truly and completely.

I love you so much my little blue eyed turkey....