Monday, September 14, 2009


Ever since we came to this Island it seems all I can focus on is leaving. Not that there is anything wrong with Hawaii... Everybody tells me I am living in paradise, after all. And let's face it, after Japan this IS paradise. I have been here a year now and I all I can think of is how we only have 2 more left until we leave and we are finally finished with the Marine Corps. I am done with the "lifestyle"... I want my own house to raise my children in, I want to be with my family and friends, and have our own land. It will be so nice to have a house to make our own and not have to worry about packing up and moving in a couple of years. We are two years from our final move and I am already making preparations in my head... When should we sell the house in Texas, when should we ship the dogs back, should be start Emily's second grade class in NY or here, when should I go back with the kids... It's allot to figure out. Next year this time though we will be figuring out everything on a month to month basis I know. This "final move" with being so far away is going to take allot of planning on all accounts.

Speaking of Hawaii... I might be getting the fever, the Island fever. I have seen and done pretty much everything I would want to do aside from seeing another Island. I guess Keith and I going to take a trip to another Island during the Christmas break with the kids. Our gift to each other... It might be nice to play the role of a tourist and enjoy what a resort has to offer. After all when you live here you still have kids, husband, laundy, and a house to take care of. It's not like I can lounge on the beach all day with a little umbrella drink. People don't seem to get that. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it here... I just don't love it either. It's good for now and I am trying to enjoy everything it has to offer (Except the local "aloha" spirit, that is an entirely different story) and not wish it away. However with being so far from family and retirement right around the corner it is hard at times not to.

The kids are good. Em started school. I am still trying to wrap my head around her being old enough to go. She is having issues with writing but then again Em has always taken her time doing things and with practice she always does well. At first I was very stressed about it but after giving myself some time I know she will do fine. Nothing in life has come very easily for Em but she has always tried her hardest and never gives up. Her problems at school are more mine, not hers. Her teacher says she is doing fine, we just need to work at her pace. I have had to take step back and let her be Emily...

Oli is good. She is talking more and climbing anything she can. She is a stinker but overall a good stinker. I can't complain about her not eating or sleeping. She does both well. She still has the blue eyes and the white hair that stops people where ever we go. Now with Em at school she is enjoying her Mommy time. She loves to snuggle and loves all the attention to herself. I thought she might be upset with Em being gone but she hasn't had any issues because she enjoys having me to herself. Once it's time to get Em she is happy to have her back.

Em has become more and more my little helper. The other day I had went grocery shopping for a few things. I had about 5-6 bags that I had unloaded and had to attend to Oli for something. When I got done Emily had taken everything out of the bags and put it all away without me asking. I was surprised!! She will also empty the dishwasher, set the table, help with the laundry, and do odd things to help with her sister. She amazes with me... Not that she can help, that she wants to! LOL

So Keith and I have planned to go home in June. Keith for about 3 weeks and me 6 with the girls. I figure if we are going to spend the money then we will make it worth it! Not to mention that Em has been asking repeatedly to go there. She misses everyone so much. She talks about NY and our family everyday... she needs to go there and be with them all and Oli needs to bond with them as well.

Nothing else is going on. Just going the normal day to day thing... Laundry, helping Em with school, cooking meals, taking care of the house, and running errands. The normal Mom/wife thing. I am on FB pretty often. I can stay in touch with everyone, I feel more like apart of everyone's life through there. Keith and I play games against each other... If I didn't have facebook I would probably feel so more disconnected here. So if you don't have an account you need to get one... you're like one of the only people left on the planet who doesn't have one!!

That's all for now... Bored so I thought I would write a small update... Until later....